Matt Stein Models
North American AJ-2 SAVAGE

in 1/550 scale

A very popular Matty's Models release, on October 4th 2006, is the classic AJ-2 SAVAGE in (approximately) 1/550 scale; suitable to depict the AJ/KAJ/RAJ heavy attack/airborne refuelling tanker/reconnaissance aircraft on your 1/500 to 1/600 scale carrier decks. Here is what is offered:

Each casting is delivered still in its native casting wafer (top left), which is quickly and easily removed (top right). The large jet intake and exhaust, ready-made to depict any of the early attack/recon variants, are easily filled in for easy conversion to the tanker or other non-jet powered versions.

Look closely at all views including the underside (bottom left), to note the following features:
- Gloss-finish canopy/windows
- Raised canopy framing
- Scribed control surface lines
- Recessed jet intake and exhaust openings
- Underwing (hidden) deeply-scored wing-fold-lines.
- Locator dimples for landing gear**

Surface details are far easier to read in this example, which has been "purple-primed":

This resin does not need priming for most applications, however purple blocks the (yellow) internal reflections of the castings most effectively; therefore a thin coat of opaque purple is recommended - even before removing the remnant casting wafer, as shown here, for easier cleanup/preparation.

Your finished aircraft should look (at least) as good as this:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Propeller blades are to be provided by the builder*; from readily-available materials. Here, the required props were obtained from 4-bladed rounded-tipped brass props on the Revell Midwy/Forrestal/Essex fret, available from Gold Medal Models .

Landing gear are likewise to be completed by the builder**; from readily-available materials. Here all landing gear were made using our very simple, and recommended, "Glue Drop" construction method.

Decals for these examples came from spare leftover scraps, however Matty's Models recommends using the excellent decals provided by Gold Medal Models; we recommend obtaining both their 350-6D and 700-3D decal sheets which between them will provide an outstanding variety of USN markings - sufficient to complete almost any USN aircraft from the 1920s through the '80s, in scales from 1/350 through 1/700.

PRICING(Excluding ONLY ACTUAL shipping and any applicable taxes)
- 4-Pak (four aircraft): $13.00 USD
- 9 or more aircraft: each $2.90 USD

* Rotor- and/or propeller blades to be provided by the builder; from readily-available materials. For photo-etched brass (PE), Matt Stein Models recommends using any of several "1/500 and similar" scale frets made by Gold Medal Models

** Remainder of landing gear to be provided by the builder; from readily-available materials. Instructions for a very easy "Glue Drop" method for completing all required landing gear are available here.

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