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USS Boxer CVS-21 (1957)

This is a reworking of the a 1/525 scale Lindberg Yorktown-II kit; undergoing extensive modification to depict USS Boxer CVS-21 for my friend Frank, who served aboard her in the mid-late 1950's. Frank has been waiting a long time for this model - but I guarantee you it's going to be worth it, buddy! LOL

Among many other features, this build will be endowed with my own, hand-crafted cast resin aircraft, including HSS Seabat ASW helicopters, AD-5W Skyraider airborne early-warning (AEW) planes, and K/AJ Savage tankers and S2F Tracker anti-submarine (ASW) planes.

Most recently the island has been taken in hand for final reworking and major detailing:

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Note extensive differences from the original kit parts, shown dry-fitted at bottom; just as they appear out of the box, with the exception of the barely visible enclosure (white) around the captain's bridge. (The highly modified island [top] is also being evaluated for suitability as a product; in cast resin.)

This build has had brass mounting hardware installed inside the hull:

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In the upper frame, the build is resting on its brass mounting pedestals; the lower frame shows the installation. To secure the mounting collars, the inside of the hull was flooded (through square access holes) with epoxy resin. (Flight deck and island are not yet attached; these were dry-fit for the above poses.)

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