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In general, Matt Stein Models' unique resin has working characteristics similar to that of most other resins, being somewhat easier to shape but perhaps slightly more brittle than some. For first-time customers or those unfamiliar with cast resin products the following, simple directions describe how best to remove the native casting wafer remnants from Matt Stein Models parts:

When cutting into the wafer, do not slice towards a straight or curving surface of the piece (left), as this could produce a nick or gouge at the point of contact. Instead, angle the cut towards an inside corner or junction of major surfaces (such as a wing root, as shown at right), slicing in fully and then twisting to clear out the corner with a smooth, scraping motion.

Clean up straight or smooth surfaces not by shaving or whittling (left), which can gouge the surface, but by SCRAPING (right); with the blade at right angle (perpendicular) to the direction of movement (or even trailing a little behind). With repeated light scraping, the knife will eliminate the casting seam from the surface of the part without cutting into it.

This is especially important for fine or sharp features such as the trailing edge of a wing (left), control surface or propeller blade; again, do NOT shave but SCRAPE - sideways - with the knife blade (right), gently and smoothly along the edge.

Clean up small tips of wings, drop tanks, tail surfaces etc., with a small file or emery board, again stroking gently and smoothly at right angles to the burr(s).

All of the above should execute easily - if not, then something is wrong; either the wafer is too thick and/or the resin is not fully cured.

A too-thick wafer is a casting error for which the part will be replaced fully and free of charge, upon its return*.

If the part does not feel "crisp" and "dry" under the knife but is in any way seems gummy or rubbery, the resin is not sufficiently cured. This problem can often be solved by allowing an additional week or two for curing to complete. If not (or if such delay is not an option), again the part will be replaced fully and free of charge upon its return*.

If you are a new customer of Matt Stein Models' resin products and break a part or two, feel free to return them for full and free replacement*.

*Replacement free of charge requires the return of at least 90% (whole or in pieces) of each item to be replaced.

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