Matt Stein Models
USN Mark 37-series
Gun Directors

in 1/550 scale

A unique - and uniquely detailed - depiction of the classic USN Mk 37 series gun directors (used to aim 5-inch and smaller-caliber secondary/AA batteries); permitting easy conversion to to depict any of several WWII and Cold War modifications, in various installations. Here is what is offered:

Castings are in transparent yellow resin, from which any native casting wafer remnants are quickly and easily removed. Each set, including separate director cab, mounting barbette, (open) hatch covers and choice of either lattice "bedspring" or dish radar antennae, is highly detailed.

Look closely at the above and following views, to note these features:
- Detailed cab includes rangefinders, side ladders, access hatches, radar mounting base and manual director head
- Separate barbette tower, ready to use or can be cut to any desired height
- Detailed radar "bedspring" and dish antennae
- Additional separate hatch covers (3) for lower bank of ports, in versions so equipped

Surface details may be easier to read in these examples, which have been "purple-primed":

This resin does not need priming for most applications, however purple blocks the (yellow) internal reflections of the castings most effectively; therefore a thin coat of opaque purple is recommended - even before removing the remnant casting wafer, seen here - for easier cleanup/preparation and then assembly.

Separate and optional components permit substitution with photo-etched brass as desired:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Here a brass PE "bedspring" radar antenna (left) from the Revell Midway/Forrestal/Essex fret by Gold Medal Models depicts the WWII-era fit with an alternative, more delicate look than when using the included, resin part (right). Likewise, ladders, hatches, etc. can be replaced on the cab - or added to detail the barbette - using brass PE (not shown).

Your finished mounts should look (at least) as good as these:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Each set includes all parts required to complete any of the mounts exactly as shown here.

PRICING(Excluding ONLY ACTUAL shipping and any applicable taxes)
- 4-Pak (four sets including cab, barbette, "bedspring" and dish antennae and seprate [3] hatch covers): $8.50 USD
- 7 or more: each $2.05 USD

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