Matt Stein Models
USN Mark 56-type
Gun Directors

in 1/550 scale

A unique depiction of the classic USN Mk 56 type of gun director (used to aim 3-inch and smaller-caliber secondary/AA batteries) as used post-WWII and throughout the Cold War, in numerous installations. Here is what is offered:

Castings are in transparent yellow resin, from which any native casting wafer remnants (top left) are quickly and easily removed (top right). Each one-piece casting is highly detailed.

Look closely at the above and following views, to note these features:
- Gloss-finish windows, with raised framing
- Integrated dish antenna
- Raised surface details including access- and service hatches, and handhold/climbing rungs

Surface details may be easier to read in these examples, which have been "purple-primed":

This resin does not need priming for most applications, however purple blocks the (yellow) internal reflections of the castings most effectively; therefore a thin coat of opaque purple is recommended - even before removing the remnant casting wafer, seen here - for easier cleanup/preparation and then assembly.

Your finished mounts should look (at least) as good as these:

These single-piece units have simply been cleaned up and painted; additional detailing - external handrails and ladders, etc. - can be added from brass PE sets. For this Matt Stein Models particularly recommends customizing suitable parts from the Revell Midway/Forrestal/Essex fret, available from Gold Medal Models .

PRICING(Excluding ONLY ACTUAL shipping and any applicable taxes)
- 4-Pak: $6.50 USD
- 7 or more: each $1.55 USD

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