Matt Stein Models
for USN Fleet Ballistic Missile Sub; in 1/200 scale

Matt Stein Models' very first product release, this is the unique J-PROP hydrodynamically-contoured propeller in (approximately) 1/200 scale; suitable to outfit your mid-late '60s USN Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) subs - particularly the Revell-Germany (ex-Renwal) Andrew Jackson kit. Here is what is offered:
Each casting is delivered still in its native casting wafer (top left), which is quickly and easily removed, as shown at top right. Look closely at all views to note the far more accurate shape of this propeller than that supplied with the Revell-Germany (and old Renwal) kits, as well as the following, additional features:
- Socketed hub; to accept customized shaft bushing
- Bushing 100% compatible to fit/function with Revell-Germany (and old Renwal) kit tail cone parts

A quantitative analysis of casting fidelity for this product can be viewed for a set of development test castings

Surface details are far easier to read in these examples, which have been "purple-primed":
This resin does not need priming for most applications, however purple blocks the (yellow) internal reflections of the castings most effectively; therefore a thin coat of opaque purple is recommended - even before removing the remnant casting wafer, as shown here, for easier cleanup/preparation.

Your prepped and painted units can look like this:
Again, underpainting in purple will help this final painted appearance, by blocking any internal transmission of light.

PRICING(Excluding ONLY ACTUAL shipping and any applicable taxes)
- 1 Propeller (with shaft bushing): $12.00 USD
- 4-Pak (four props, with bushings): $40.00 USD
- 7 or more: each set $9.00 USD

Completed and Installed Examples
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USS Casimir Pulaski SSBN 633 (Revell 1:200)***********USS Skipjack SSN 585 (Revell 1:230)

USS Scamp SSN 588 (Revell 1:230)


USS Sam Houston SSBN 609 (Revell 1:200) *********** USS Scorpion SSN 589 (Revell 1:230)
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