Matt Stein Models
for USN Fleet Ballistic Missile Sub; in 1/200 scale

This is a set of rudder- and diving plane corrections in (approximately) 1/200 scale; suitable to outfit your mid-late '60s USN Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) subs - particularly the Revell-Germany (ex-Renwal) Andrew Jackson kit. Here is what is offered:
Each casting is delivered, as shown, with remnants of its native casting wafer, which is quickly and easily removed. Look closely to note the far more accurate shapes for all these parts than those supplied with the Revell-Germany (and old Renwal) kits, as well as the following, additional features:
- Rudder linkage 100% compatible to fit/function with Revell-Germany (and old Renwal) kit parts for moveable rudder and tail planes
- Tail planes likewise compatible to fit/function with Revell-Germany (and old Renwal) kit linkages
- Socketed sail planes; to facilitate mounting or even installation to be moveable

Surface details are far easier to read in these examples, which have been "purple-primed":
This resin does not need priming for most applications, however purple blocks the (yellow) internal reflections of the castings most effectively; therefore a thin coat of opaque purple is recommended - even before removing the remnant casting wafer, for easier cleanup/preparation.

Also provided are these easy-to-follow on-line installation tips, formatted specifically for easy printout in black-and-white.

Your cleaned-up and assembled tail corrections can look (structurally) like this (excluding propeller):
Again, underpainting in purple (not shown in this example) will help the final painted appearance, by blocking any internal transmission of light. The Matt Stein Models J-propeller, shown above, is not included in the standard set, but can be added/substituted per the price listings below.

PRICING(Excluding ONLY ACTUAL shipping and any applicable taxes)
- Standard Set (top-plus-bottom rudders, 2 tail stabilizers, 2 tail planes & 2 sail planes): $35.00 USD
- 2 or more: each set $25.00 USD

Completed (excluding painting) Examples

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