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Inspection and quantification of internal and surface defects:

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Quality analysis of the first six test castings of the 1/200 scale Polaris FBM J-propeller (above left) showed virtually no internal defects and indicated the surfaces to be 98.5% defect-free (as a percentage of projected surface area), with 96.2% of those (surface pits) restricted to the underside - the less visible faces; the forward sides (above right). Even so, these worst-case surfaces were still, on average, 97.3% defect-free.

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Analysis of the top surfaces - the more visible, aft-facing sides - showed no surface defects whatever on four of the six test castings, with the remaining two (above) being still 99.7% defect-free, making the overall average - again, as a percentage of projected surface area - of the top surfaces to be 99.9% defect-free.

**NOTE: Although I cannot guarantee every casting will meet any particular statistic listed above (or elsewhere), the quantities above certainly give a good indication of the ballpark of quality which can be expected from these castings.

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