From the Bench:
Builds for Navy Veterans

- USS Boxer CVS-21 (1957)
In progress for my vet friend Frank

This is a reworking of the 1/525 scale Lindberg Yorktown CV-10 kit, still in progress, to depict Boxer CVS-21 for my friend Frank, who served aboard her in the later '50s, including for the Operation HardTack nuclear tests.
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- USS Prince Georges AP-165 (1944)
Built for my vet friend Don

This was a reworking of the 1/350 scale Trumpeter Jeremiah O'Brien kit - incluidng deepened hull and custom, cast resin deck cargo - to depict USS Prince Georges AP-165; for a veteran friend who had sailed her to the invasion of Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, in WWII.
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- USN LST-131 (1945)
Built for my vet friend Fred

This was a reworking of the 1/250 scale Lindberg kit, including custom, cast resin deck cargo, into a depiction of LST-131, for my friend Fred Kopplow who served aboard her in WWII.
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